DSCN1054-window reflection.jpg

How I see it

Expressions is a good word. It captures my fascination with faces, postures, gestures, emotions, or even the appearance of something built or, a spot of nature in different seasons and light.

There is always a pattern in what I see. People and nature each present us a different and perfect ‘face’. Everything has a shape, a pattern or an expression defining the geometry of its existence.

Travelling about, camera in hand, always searching for something alive, something touching and, if I manage to freeze it, will I have caught something under its skin… will there be a story of a before and an after to be imagined in the capture, will the photography trigger a feeling, a reaction, of any kind.

On the road, it all passes very quickly and if I’m fast enough, suddenly, something surprising and exciting may have been found.

Simon Dann